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Who is Israel Maya

My name is Israel Maya and I am a certified master hypnotherapist. This means that I am knowledgeable in advanced hypnosis techniques. My interest in hypnosis actually began when I was 11 years old. I tried to hypnotize my cousin and it kind of worked but I knew it would be better to learn more technical hypnosis techniques before I went around hypnotizing anyone, so I did in the year 2000. It took me some time but it was well worth it.

My first hypnosis experience was when it was done on me. I went to a hypnotherapist and was astounded by what this method of healing did. I discovered how fear was a program in the back of my mind running many of the decisions I made. It was amazing how quickly I was able to clear up and let go of those childhood fears that I didn’t remember. This powerful experience created a desire in me to seek out and learn the particulars of hypnosis. The more I learned about it, the more intrigued I became to use this newfound knowledge to help myself, my family, and others. Not long after learning hypnotic techniques and therapies did I open my first office.

I became very passionate about hypnosis because I saw results. It was always astounding to me to see how a person could literally transform themselves with just 1 visit to my office. There were follow up sessions of course, but the initial sessions were so powerful that many clients told me 1 hypnotic session for them was equal to years of convention therapy.

Some time after working with clients and emotional clean up I decided to work with hypnotic birthing or what I also call painless childbirth. I already had plenty of experience helping people rid themselves of fears and teaching people how to relax, so putting these together with additional technique was extremely helpful to empower an expectant and birthing mother all the while speeding up the birthing process without the use of any drugs. At first it was theoretical but when I began to work with a birthing center and see positive results I was sold on the fact that you can actually have an amazing birth with simple to use technique.

The testimonials that I’ve received over the many years that I’ve done this have been incredible and they keep coming. I have gotten a tremendous amount of joy from the new mothers that send me an email or a text letting me know how great their birth was. My continued dream is to disseminate this information and help as many expecting and birthing moms as possible to have amazing births.

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