You’ve Been Hypnotized and You Didn’t Even Know It

You’ve Been Hypnotized and You Didn’t Even Know It.

You’re probably thinking “no I haven’t.” Yes you have. Not only can I guarantee this with absolute certainty, but I will prove it to you. Read on. 

Hypnosis in a nutshell 

Let’s establish what hypnosis is in this short paragraph. Hypnosis is a state of mind by which your conscious mind is suspended and the subconscious is open and able to receive suggestions. Your conscious mind can be sleeping, or it can be busy thinking about something else, and it can also be deeply relaxed. All these give accessibility to the subconscious mind. In other words, when the conscious mind is passive, the subconscious is active and it’s able to more readily accept suggestions in order to either make temporary or permanent change within you. 

A strong mind does not necessarily equal an unhypnotizable person 

That’s what many people like to believe. “I can’t be hypnotized because my mind is too strong, or I think too much.” Just because someone is really smart or because they have strong will power they’re not able to be hypnotized. It’s not true. If we look at the above explanation we’ll see that if your conscious mind is suspended or tied up, your subconscious is open for suggestion and that openness allows change. Sometimes it’s temporary, other times it’s permanent. 

Proof that you’ve been hypnotized

Here’s a time where you’ve been hypnotized and didn’t know it. Did you ever watch a movie that inspire you so much that when it ended, you felt like the character? Did you ever feel like a superhero, or like the person in the movie that made a huge change in their life, or the world? Did you ever feel that you wanted to make a change in your life like the character you saw for example, be more charitable, nicer, bolder, stronger, richer or more innovative? If you said yes to any of these questions…you’ve been hypnotized. You may be saying “yeah but…” Yeah but nothing, you’ve been hypnotized. Your conscious mind was tied up with graphics and he movie and your subconscious mind was left open to suggestions leading you to believe that you could be that person you saw on the screen. There are many other times of course and one of those times includes commercials, another the fear that you get from the news etc, etc. The ability for the media to bypass your conscious thinking and get you to do something that otherwise you would not have is a form of hypnosis. Of course you may have never gone to a therapy session for hypnosis (or maybe you did),so you’d never believe you were hypnotized but you have been in hypnotic states in the past without knowing. 

Don’t let anyone hypnotize you anymore, here’s how to 

Now that you know that you’ve already been hypnotized by the movie, commercial, or salesman what can you do about it? Plain and simple…. be aware. If I ask you to remember your last vacation and you begin to access memories you are tying your conscious thinking and entering a hypnotic state. Were I to begin suggesting things to you while you are accessing the past I am actually planting suggestions in your subconscious. They don’t have to necessarily take affect (especially if you don’t agree with them) but they can possibly have some effect on you if I was convincing enough, so how do you protect yourself? Awareness. When you are aware that your mind is open for suggestion close the door to the subconscious. You are the only one that can do this. Someone may be able to convince to to open that door but you can definitely close it. 

How you can use hypnosis  

To many, the above information can be a bit scary, and to others empowering. I prefer the latter. Knowing that you can change habits or get yourself motivated by the simple bypass of your conscious mind is a very powerful piece of information because we are always reinventing ourselves. This is an easier and faster way. In fact when you decide to make a change, and you achieve it you’ve already bypassed your own critical thinking and conscious mind in order to plant self made suggestions. The use of the subconscious mind is extremely helpful in making effective change. There are many ways in which this can be done. It can be used for stress control or confidence boosting and you can find some of those programs on Change is within your reach because you want it, and you’re the only one who can achieve it. By the way, if you’re inspire from the article then you too have been hypnotized (for the better). Happy hypnosis.  

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