How To Stay Calm In The Face Of a Major Storm

How To Stay Calm In The Face Of a Major Storm

It’s easy to lose our emotions when everyone is saying that something scary is going to happen. Fear is a very powerful emotion, and a strong motivator to either force us to do something, or cause us to just freeze. Fear is a self preservation emotion that should only “kick in” to get us moving (like when a lion is chasing you). It becomes problematic when prolonged fear lingers, and takes control of our mind forcing all of that adrenaline to pump through our bodies and poison our system. It doesn’t help much that the media inflates the fear by blowing things out of proportion, gripping you with a barrage of graphics, and reports to try and sell you their product (which is information) to get better ratings, and run commercials. Preparation is very important don’t get me wrong, and media has its time and place, but be careful with how much information you let in your subconscious mind. Below you will find helpful suggestions that will help keep you calm in rough stormy weather.  

Prepare so you know you’re prepared 

If you do what is necessary to prepare for the storm, and get everything to hold you over just in case you don’t have lights, money, and gas then this should calm you down. If you find yourself too worried about the upcoming event remind yourself that you did everything possible to prepare. Many times people’s minds run amok with the flood of fearful information being presented to them by the media, and other peoples panicky reactions even when they are well prepared. They think to themselves “Am I prepared enough?” Second guessing yourself will reinforce negative emotion. If you firmly tell yourself to “be calm,” and remind yourself that you are prepared, it sends a message to your subconscious mind to be calm, because you know that you are ready. 

Be careful with opening the door of your subconscious mind

Fear, panic, and anxiety tend to displace our critical, and logical thinking. When our conscious mind is suspended, our subconscious mind is wide open for suggestions. Without getting into too much detail it’s important to know that when negative information, or negative suggestions go into your subconscious mind, you “subconsciously” act upon them. The reactions that you get may not be the most logical, or stable if the message that you have in your subconscious mind is negative. That’s why people go crazy when they panic, and this is why it’s important to know that fear, the media, TV, or any type of information medium can suspend your conscious, or critical thinking to leave your subconscious mind open for suggestions. When this happens, your subconscious has been programmed with pessimistic messages that may cause more panic. When you watch all of these media reports about the hurricane, consciously take them as information only. Don’t allow yourself to get “sucked in“ to everything that they say to cause more panic and fear.

Release your emotions

Throughout this article we’ve talked about getting rid of fear, but ne careful with suppressing it as suppressing emotions will only coarse them to come back. The best thing to do when you have fear is to recognize it, and release it. Here’s a simple method to do it if at any particular moment (before or during the storm) you become fearful about the upcoming storm, and want to get rid of that fear.

  1. Recognize that you have the fear. It’s important to do this so that you don’t suppress the emotion, and you prepare it to be easier to release.
  2. When it is safe to do so close your eyes and feel where the emotion is. The typical area where we feel emotions is in the stomach or chest. Again, when it is safe to do so close your eyes, and notice where that feeling is stirring, or bothering you. This will allow you to zero in on the exact location of the emotion in order for it to be released.
  3. Take a deep breath, and with your exhalation imagine the feeling leaving your body through your mouth. Now that you’ve recognized, and located the feeling it’s time to let it go. Your breath is always with you, and present when you acquire emotions, and so you can use your breath to release an emotion. We use the exhalation to allow the mind to associate the leaving of fear, panic, or anxiety with the leaving of the breath. We use the mouth as the exit points for obvious reasons. The subconscious mind associates the fact that there is an opening in the body as an exit point for the emotion to detach, and liberate itself from the body. 

Realize that a feeling it’s just a feeling

We tend to place too much importance on feelings. This may be a societal norm, or a habit we’ve learned from our upbringing, but the truth is that feelings are just an energy inside of us which we have the power to change at will. Nothing, or no one can “make us,” or “force us” to feel anything. They may do things to cause a feeling, but ultimately what we feel is in our power. If you recognize fear as a simple reaction to environmental factors, or something that someone has said you can also recognize that you have the power to either let it go, or change it. The releasing of fear or any panicky emotion will allow you to be calmer, stay focused on more important tasks, and think more clearly. 

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