How To Program Your Children While They Sleep

How to program your children while they sleep 

This just sounds wrong from the get go, but it’s not that you’re not already doing it anyway. Yeah you are already programming your children. “No I’m not,” “yes you are.” Just keep reading and I’ll show you how you are already programming your children and by the time we’re done here you’ll be able to do a better job at it. 

The subconscious is fertile ground 

Well if you don’t know what the subconscious is yet, welcome to the human race. Nobody really knows what it is except that it’s some kind of mental storage area (with a huge capacity) that collects thoughts, feelings, and emotions of our present, and past. Some say that all of our experiences are stored there, and some say just the most important ones. Either way, we all agree that whatever experiences are there, they run the way that we behave on a daily basis, and shape the person that we are. In essence, our experience is our “programming” or the information that is stored which makes us who we are, but when does all of this information flow into that storage area? Where does it all begin? 

The early formative years 

It seems to be that around the 7th month of gestation we develop the ability to hear. We can’t hear much of what is going on in our environment because we are surrounded by water and inside of a warm uterus, but it seems to be that we start “recording“ experiences around that time. We don’t have the ability to reason yet, but that’s not important because the recording process has already begun in the mind. The first major event in your life is birth, and one that you will remember forever on a subconscious level. Birth is the beginning of your entry into this world, and believe it or not begins to create who you will be. 

Keep this in mind: from day 1 until you begin learning how to reason, and rationalize your mind doesn’t have anything inside of it except what it sees, hears, tastes etc. It doesn’t yet have the ability to form opinions or ideas because it is too new, so whatever you tell that mind it believes you because there’s nothing to compare as of yet. If you tell a baby, or child that they are no good, they are beautiful, they are stupid, they are smart etc., etc. they will believe you whether good or bad because they have nothing to compare it to.  You can tell your child whatever you want and they will believe you so in essence you are already programming them, so it behooves you to be very, very, very, very careful with what you say around and to them because whatever you tell them will go into their subconscious mind from about age 1-5 without being impeded. There is programming that occurs post five years old but it’s not as potent as in the first 5-6 formative years.

How to do what you’re already doing

Now that you know you have already programmed your children, and continue doing so it’s important to learn how to do it better. I think it’s obvious on how to do it better, just give them a lot of positive messages because that’s what their mind will absorb. There is a way that you can program your children while they sleep especially if they are in an age where they have started to develop critical thinking skills. Meaning that once children develop critical thinking skills their subconscious is “less” fertile ground. As previously mentioned they can still absorb programming but it’s analyzed, and criticized, and so it will either be accepted, or rejected.

In order to program a child while they sleep you approach the child once they are completely asleep, and say to them “you can hear me but you can’t wake up, you can hear me but you can’t wake up.” You say it several times in order to bring their mind up to a level where their mind can hear suggestions from you, but still be asleep. With this established you can give your child positive suggestions about basically anything. Some things you may consider will be: their confidence levels, school, their work performance when they’re in school, happiness, being calm throughout the day. The suggestions that you give your child, of course will be based upon what the child needs at that time. It’s

better to focus on one set of suggestions at a time and not too many things. Keep it simple, and light. Once you are done giving the suggestions simply tell the child to “go back to sleep again,” and continue resting throughout the night until you see them the next morning.

How long do you have

When using this technique to program your children you should only work for about one or two minutes because that will be enough time for the mind to absorb the suggestions. This will work better over a period of time where the suggestions are given every few days as opposed to once for say 15 minutes. Additionally these techniques are going to be most effective from age 5-6 until about 13-14. After that teenagers will wake up and catch you in what you’re doing.

Keep in mind 

These techniques are to be used for giving positive suggestion not to program children to do things for your own benefit, or to introduce programming that is not in the child’s best interest. This article was written with the intention to help you as a parent program your child(ren) for the good. 

Children are sponges, and are absorbing everything they experience. As a parent you are already programming them know it or not, like it or not. As parents we have the responsibility to give our children the best programming possible became this is what helps them become better people in life. It’s like the example says that a field of fertile ground you can plant beautiful flowers or weeds.  Your child’s mind is that field Whatever you plant will grow and your children will reap the benefit of healthy programming you’ve given them. 

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